Which 4 Cities Are Ripe for Growth in the 2020s?

February 18, 2020
Charlotte, NC
By digidreamgrafix

Redfin crunched the numbers and found the cities that are ready to explode in the next decade. From the analysis, four powerhouses emerged: Spokane, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Orlando. These metro areas boast cheap land and growing incomes, both attractive qualities to those looking to escape more expensive coastal options. To find the top cities, Redfin looked at 85 cities and compared the average share of land values, home price growth, home sales growth, and the percent of searches from outside of each metro. Find out why these four cities may be the next boom towns. 

As expensive coastal metros struggle to find solutions to rising housing costs, homebuyers have begun looking to smaller more affordable metros where land is cheap and incomes are growing. Already, Spokane, Las Vegas, Charlotte and Orlando are attracting out-of-town homebuyers and, thanks to the low cost of acquiring and developing land for new home construction, each is poised to attract homebuyers for years to come. That makes these the four metros primed for growth over the next decade.

Spokane, Washington

Sales of new homes increased 37% in Spokane from Q4 of 2018 to Q4 of 2019 compared to only 5% growth in existing homes. The city is currently the most competitive housing market in the country with a Compete Score™ of 89. That’s in part thanks to significant homebuyer interest from out-of-towners—73% of Redfin searches for homes in Spokane come from homebuyers located outside the metro.

Conveniently, Spokane is well suited to absorb all of the potential new migrants. That’s because in Spokane land is cheap and therefore homebuilding is inexpensive. The cost of acquiring land to develop on is a major reason housing supply has lagged behind demand in big expensive cities. In Seattle, land comprises 42% of the value of the homes, but in Spokane, land comprises only 23% of the value of homes, making it harder for homebuilders to turn a profit on land in Seattle than in Spokane. Seattlites, who are used to a median home price of $570,000, will find Spokane homes extremely affordable, regardless of whether they are buying an existing home with a median price of $255,000 or a new home with a median price of $350,000.  

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