Which Cities Made the Top 20 Hottest Markets in Real Estate This Month?

November 7, 2019
Columbus Ohio
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Affordability in real estate is the big ticket item, and the Midwest is the grand prize winner with the most cities that made Realtor.com's Top 20 list this month. Ohio in particular makes a strong showing as its top metro areas have low costs of living and affordable entry-level homes. 

Ohio may be considered flyover country by those living in big, expensive cities on the coasts, but today's home buyers have it squarely in their sights. The humble Midwestern state has the greatest share of the nation's hottest real estate markets, according to a recent analysis of realtor.com® data.

Midwestern markets have been steadily taking over realtor.com's monthly list of the 20 hottest markets in America, which ranks the metros where homes sell the fastest and visitors to realtor.com are clicking on the most listings. These are places where buyers need to act fast—and sellers are sitting pretty. And while the top-ranked metros illustrated the rise of smaller markets and the fall of larger, pricier ones, there were some notable exceptions.

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