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The United States now leads the world in the number of coronavirus cases, and the numbers continue to rise. Almost no part of American life is unaffected—and most areas will feel the recession that is likely to follow, according to real estate experts. But some areas are taking hard hits right now or are forecasted to suffer due to their links to tourism and vacation rental markets. found the top 10 most at-risk metros and broke down four trends playing out in them, including the expected gambling slump and second-home slowdown.

Just about everyone has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic—and the crisis, according to most experts, is only beginning to play out in many parts of the U.S. America now has the most confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world. And beyond the devastating human toll, an economic one is looming. The unemployment numbers are staggering, and the economy appears to be headed for a recession, if it's not already in one.

That's bound to affect just about every housing market in the country, some worse than others. But which are the most vulnerable? The® data team found the counties that could be most at risk in the worsening financial crisis.

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