Which Smart Gadgets, Appliances, And Systems Fit Your Home?

November 18, 2016

Owners of a house built in 1908 would need different smart home devices than people who live in a small condo.

This Old House found five smart home starter kits for five different types of homes and homeowners, including vacation homes, green homes, and households with young children.

For instance, a family in Rhode Island installed security cameras, vents, and dimmers in their century-old home. A condo owner in San Francisco opted for smart speakers, a Wi-Fi-enabled battery for the smoke detector, and a smart lock.

Can’t change the deadbolt due to a landlord or an overzealous homeowners association? The motorized August Smart Lock replaces the interior thumb turn and can automatically lock and unlock the door via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as you come and go.

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