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Holly Slevcove, Project Manager for the New Home Company

Holly Slevcove, project manager for the New Home Company, was a team member when company won Professional Builder’s Builder of the Year in 2019. A risk-taker, she specializes in project management and land acquisition for residential home building, primarily focused on the Inland Empire and Orange County in California. How did she get from college graduate to project manager in under 3 years? It wasn’t easy. It took hard work, perseverance, and another woman who believed in her from the start.

Thanks to Holly for joining me on the podcast, and to all of you for listening. Links to more information about the New Home Company, Professional Builder’s Builder of the Year, and the 2020 WIRC Conference which Pro Remodeler and Pro Builder will be co hosting this year can be found in the episode’s show notes.

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Our next episode will feature another female professional who is making some serious moves in her industry. Until then, follow us on social, and keep on WIRCing.

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