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CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif — Yoshino Technology, a leader in solid-state power, has launched Solid-State Portable Power Stations and Solar Generators, featuring first-to-market battery cell technology.

The B4000 SST is the world's first solid-state portable power station that utilizes cutting-edge battery technology to take efficient portable power to a whole new level. This portable power station boasts an energy density level up to 2.5 times that of its traditional lithium-ion predecessors, allowing for a more compact size. The higher density of the battery means the same amount of power fits into a smaller, lighter package, compared to other traditional lithium batteries, in some cases up to 33% less weight. With 2.6kWh capacity and a 4,000-watt output, the B4000 SST additionally features enhanced safety and offers truly portable power for any situation.

Yoshino's full line of 11 new solid-state technology (SST) portable power stations and solar generators, all feature the new age of battery cell technology, offering more power in smaller, lighter, and safer package. Unlike other portable power stations, Yoshino's offer a unique design that is built around state-of-the-art solid electrolyte in place of the bulky and flammable liquid electrolyte found in traditional lithium batteries, which greatly reduces risk of flammability and overheating associated with traditional batteries. This technology improves overall performance and pushes the boundaries of conventional battery technology.

These solid-state portable power stations and solar generators are the first to offer premium components for increased safety and portability.

"Yoshino is proud to be a leader in SST battery technology within the portable power market. At our core, Yoshino is passionate about bringing the latest technology to improve our everyday lives," said Vince Caito, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development, Yoshino Technology. "Being the first company to offer solid-state battery solutions, we have taken this category to the next level by bringing a safer, more premium line of products to the market."

Compliant with North American safety standards, Yoshino's full line is ETL-certified.