2008 Nationals: The Judges

The judges for the 2008 National Sales and Marketing Awards.
By By Felicia Oliver, Senior Editor | February 29, 2008

From left to right: Jeffrey DeMure, Bob Posner, Steve Mackey, Karen Richardson, Jan Mitchell, Dan Green, Tom Roddel and Deana Sihon. Not Pictured: Ross Robbins.

Jeffrey DeMure
Jeffrey DeMure & Associates
El Dorado Hills, Calif.

Dan Green
The Green Companies
Newton, Mass.

Steve Mackey
Mackey & Company
Naples, Fla.

Jan Mitchell
Sales & Marketing Ideas
Pleasanton, Calif.

Bob Posner
Posner Advertising
New York

Deanna Sihon
New Home Trends
Mill Creek, Calif.

Karen Richardson
Kathy Andrews Interior Design

Ross Robbins
Lee Evans Group/Shinn Consulting, Inc
Littleton, Colo.

Tom Roddel
Roddel & Associates
Tustin, Calif.

Peter M. Mayer
Judging Chairman
Peter Mayer Productions

Ann Ladewig

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