According To Americans, The Economy Is The Most Important Problem The U.S. Is Facing

February 11, 2016

The economy is something that has an effect on everyone. So, it stands to reason that the economy was ranked as the most important problem facing the U.S. in February, with 17 percent of Americans mentioning it as the top issue. That is up 4 percent from January’s 13 percent and up 8 percent from December 2015’s 9 percent, according to

In February, ‘Government’ was the second highest problem, being mentioned by 13 percent and ‘Immigration’ and ‘Unemployment/jobs’ tied for third with 10 percent each.

Another interesting point is that 7 percent said ‘National security’ was the most important problem facing the country, that is the highest percentage since 2004. However, ‘Terrorism’ dropped 2 percent from January and currently rests at 7 percent in February.

Follow the link to see the complete breakdown.

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