Annual Loss Rate For Single-Family Detached Homes Indicates Most Houses Can Last A Century

October 17, 2016

Nearly 99 percent of the homes that existed in 2011 are still standing today, according to report called Components of Inventory Change: 2011-2013.

NAHB Eye On Housing says that of those 1.57 million lost housing units, fewer than half (740,000) were single-family detached homes. The annual loss rate for those homes in 2016 is 0.45 percent.

The loss rate also varies depending on age of the home. In general, the rate hovers around half a percent a year for homes built in 1950 or later, but jumps to slightly over 1 percent for homes built earlier than that.  If these numbers remain consistent, they imply that half of the existing homes built 64 or more years ago will still exist 66 years from now—also, that half of the homes built recently will last for more than 100 years.

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