The Best Compromises To Make When Buying A Home

March 8, 2016

First-time parents often times find themselves going a bit overboard. Sometimes, so many gates are put up that the living space is transformed into something more closely resembling a corn maze than a house. But when that second or third child comes along everything changes.

Beginning a house hunting expedition is a lot like being a parent for the first time. Many buyers start out with a list of things they need; a patio, a fireplace, an open floor plan, artisan crafted railings, hardwood that is not too dark but not too light, and a location near the beach, downtown, and the office. But as the process drags on, the list becomes smaller and smaller until a building with four walls and a roof is all that is left.

For almost everyone, the inevitability of needing to whittle down a ‘must-have’ list happens sooner rather than later. But that doesn’t mean everything needs to be compromised on. created a list of the five compromises that are worth making. If a buyer is able to get 80 percent of what they originally desired, that should be considered a win.

Number one on the list is location. The fact of the matter is, the location most people want either doesn’t exist or is way out of their price range. The rest of the list includes square footage, yard size, two car garages, and specific architecture. While it may be difficult at firstfor someone to give up one of these aspects about their future home, in the long run, it typically pays off.

For a more in depth look at each compromise, follow the link below.

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