January 1, 2010


Surely the most important issue facing everyone in the homebuilding industry, indeed every industry today is improving performance. Reducing costs and leveraging resources to improve profitability.

In fact an ASQ (American Society for Quality) survey (with 1000 respondents from around the world) shows a majority of manufacturers are optimistic about an economic uptick at their organizations. However, respondents believe further cost-cutting measures will continue to be implemented. The results show a majority of respondents (64.7%) employed in the manufacturing sector predict their organizations will experience financial recovery. 61.3% believe their organization will create processes to reduce costs

The top 3 tips that the respondents give to ensure revenue growth in were:

  • Continue to take part in continuous improvement practices and increase use of quality processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Implement more lean processes

It’s interesting to note that while these organizations are focusing on reducing costs they are also focusing on increasing customer satisfaction!Yes that is possible.  This is not the time to cut quality or customer satisfaction and it can be done while reducing costs. In this blog I will be discussing ‘Process’ Performance Management and using my experience to provide you with quality improvement tools, techniques, links, tips, templates, case studies and other materials to help YOU improve the process performance of your business!

In this blog I will be discussing how quality management tools can be used to impact the performance of your business. This will include such tools as the National Housing Quality Award, Builder Certification, Lean, process maps and their connection to a wide range of programs such as the Energy Value Housing Award and Energy Star. Each of these tools are inter-related and need to be used at the appropriate time. For example they are layered at Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels as shown in this diagram.

NEXT TIME, Processes & Metrics

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