Builders Respond to Resurgence of Multi-Generation Living

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Lennar and KB Home are among builders building homes for multiple generations

November 12, 2015
Builders Respond to Resurgence of Multi-Generation Living

Photo: Jesse Davis/Flickr

CBS Los Angeles documents the Hanson-Elmore family, one example of a growing number of American households where multiple generations are living under one roof.

Laverne Hanson moved into a home within her daughter Kristi Elmore’s family’s home. “I brag about it to everybody. And when people ask about it, they say: Oh, a casita? And I say: No! It’s not a casita. It’s a home within a home,” she tells CBS Los Angeles about her one-bedroom apartment that has its own private entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and washer and dryer.

Catering to families like this are builders such as Lennar and KB Home. “We created a solution to something that people just American families were looking for. We just saw that multigenerational living in general was making a resurgence. It’s not a new concept, but in new home development, it is. We just kind of brought it back,” Valerie Sheets of Lennar told CBS Los Angeles.

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