The Bunk Bed Generation

July 28, 2016

For many families across the country, the days of having individual bedrooms for each child in the house are over. Nowadays, especially for renters who are living with kids in some of the top rental markets in the country, splitting two bedrooms between six children, a la the Brady Bunch, has become the norm.

As Trulia reports, in the country’s top 100 metros, 14.7 percent of households had fewer bedrooms than family members, which marks a 0.5 percent increase from the 14.2 percent witnessed in 2009.

As you would expect, renters are much more crunched for space than homeowners. 8.1 percent of households who own have fewer bedrooms than people living in the house. Meanwhile, a whopping 26.4 percent of households who rent are crunched for space.

In the Northeast, New York City is where kids are most likely to share a room, at 25 percent of households. Chicago leads the way in the Midwest with 17.1 percent of households. In the South it is Tampa (10.7 percent) and Los Angeles in the West (29.2 percent). Additionally, metros on the coasts are more likely to be space crunched than inland metros.

For the full breakdown and to view accompanying charts, graphs, and infographics, click the link below.

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