California Legislature Addresses Housing Shortage, Combats NIMBYs

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New bills are being proposed that are intended to increase the production of new homes

May 10, 2017

California State Capitol in California. Photo: Rafał Konieczny/Wikimedia Commons

California is in the midst of a housing crisis. Not nearly enough new homes are being built, and even the most modest homes are well outside the price range for most low- and middle-income buyers.

CityLab reports that the state is addressing the issue, mainly targeting the NIMBYs who stand in the way of progress. There are more than 100 bills before the California Legislature that address housing, and most of them are intended to spur the production of new homes.

The bills would make it easier for housing projects to get approved and would limit the power of local residents and government agencies to block new construction. Other bills include plans to allow local housing authorities to save some units in new projects for middle-income residents, such as teachers and firefighters.

It’s unclear what the chances for each bill are, and it’s uncertain how big of an impact will be made if the bills are approved. It may take years to recognize the effects of a boom in housing production.

Smaller, incremental solutions are also more likely to go over well with wary residents, as opposed to sweeping mandates that would never be implemented.

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