Candlestick Point’s Updated Plans Win Approval

March 24, 2016

Candlestick Park is not the most fondly remembered stadium in sports lore. Far from it, in fact. Former members of the San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants often regarded their former home field as a “dump” (former 49er Dwight Clark and former Giant Bob Brenly both used this term, and not in an affectionate manner). It was a cold, windy, and uninviting place to play without an ounce of anything that could be considered a redeeming characteristic. So, when its demolition began in 2015, not many tears were shed.

While Candlestick Park now only exists in the unpleasant memories of those who had to play or watch a game there, something much better is set to take its place.

The Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure in San Francisco and the San Francisco Planning Commission recently unanimously approved the amended Lennar Urban plans for a development, known as Candlestick Point, which is slated to be built on the former site of Candlestick Park.

Candlestick Point’s amended plans call for an urban retail shopping district, a new film arts center, and more than 2,200 homes with direct access to parks, open space, and the bay waterfront, reports.

The project is an $8 billion, 775-acre mixed-use development that incorporates not only the space left behind by Candlestick Park, but also a former military base. In total, the development hopes to create a community of over 25,000 residents with nearly a third of its 12,000 homes being affordable and leave over 350 acres for open space and parks. The project is the largest development to occur in San Francisco since the 1906 earthquake.

Currently, infrastructure work is currently underway with new streets and utilities being installed and construction on the shopping district is expected to begin in 2017.

For a list of what will be included in Candlestick Point’s first phase of development, follow the link below.

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