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Americans have much to celebrate in June during National Homeownership Month

By NAHB Public Affairs | May 31, 2002


NAHB President Gary Garczynski


Americans have much to celebrate in June during National Homeownership Month. We enjoy the finest homes and highest standard of living in the world. Our national homeownership rate, now at a record 68%, is one of the highest in the world.

But we need to focus on more than our achievements. This celebration of housing provides the ideal opportunity to determine how we can achieve the goal of “a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family,” which was set by Congress in the Housing Act of 1949.

Much remains to be done. Congress, state and local authorities need to focus on several key issues:





  • Maintaining a sound economy with low long-term mortgage interest rates while allowing the secondary mortgage market to function without intervention.





  • Planning for and promoting smart growth. In particular, states and localities should support development and redevelopment of infill sites in cities and inner suburbs.





  • Reforming the regulatory system. Excessive and unnecessary regulations add dramatically to the cost of new housing.





  • Ensuring that environmental protection and preservation measures are balanced and reasonable.





  • Creating programs to preserve the existing stock of affordable housing and produce more affordable units.
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