Cities That Have The Most Overleveraged Mortgage Debtors

April 20, 2017

Residents of San Luis Obispo, Calif., don’t earn much, but that hasn’t stopped them from buying houses well out of their price range.

WalletHub found a few dozen cities that are home to the most overleveraged mortgage debtors. San Luis Obispo was among the most extreme results. The median mortgage debt there is $333,641, but the median income is only $16,565, which equates to a 2,014 percent mortgage debt-to-income ratio, the highest in the nation.

Several other California towns and cities made the list, as did Williamsburg, Va., Beaver Falls, Pa., Provo, Utah, and College Station, Texas.

Brooksville, Fla., had the highest mortgage debt-to-house value ratio, at 214 percent. The median home value is $48,200, but the median mortgage debt is $103,023.

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