Cities That Will Be Least Affected By Climate Change

October 25, 2016

Climate change is a concern, and for those who are worried about rising sea levels, Portland, Maine, may be a good place to move. Of course, Portland is on the coast.

But as The New York Times reports, the town’s northern location and hilly topography will mitigate the effects of climate change for the next few centuries.

The Times spoke with a few college professors and climate experts to find nine cities that can best withstand drought, wildfire, extreme heat, extreme precipitation, extreme weather, and hurricanes.

Along with inland cities like Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and Boise, Idaho, the experts said that San Francisco and New York City each have resource and landscape advantages.

All three [experts] emphasized that while certain cities were better bets, their safety was relative. “I don’t care if you found the safest place in the U.S.,” Dr. David Titley said. “We’re all going to pay, we’re all going to suffer that economic disruption, we’re all going to pay for that relocation.”

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