Danze Products – bringing quality and beauty to Houston-area homes

June 9, 2016

Hann Builders includes a variety of Danze products in most of its projects - kitchen and bath, large and small

Location of Job: Houston, Texas Area
Partner: Hann Builders
Contact: Stephen Hann
Favorite Products: Opulence™ Collection

When Stephen Hann had the opportunity to branch out in 1993 and start his own custom building and remodeling business, he jumped at the chance. And the Houston area should be thankful! Since then Stephen and his team of professionals have been doing some of the most enviable new build and remodeling work in Texas.

Although Hann Builders has weathered some challenging times, which we can all relate to in this industry, Stephen attributes much of his success to a well-rounded range of services and exceptional partners who believe in his high touch customer service philosophy and demand for quality.

“Although I was a custom builder at the core, I also did a lot of home remodeling,” says Stephen. “That helped me sustain through the new housing market downturn. I was able to fight through and come out strong on the other end. Both areas are still an important part of my business today.”

During the process of fine-tuning and growing his business, Stephen formed significant relationships with his subcontractors, trade partners and suppliers. That’s how he first learned of the Danze™ brand.

“One of my suppliers who I trust very much suggested I look at the Danze product line,” adds Stephen. “They raved about the value of the product and its high design. I believed in their judgement and it has helped me differentiate myself by adding to the quality and beauty of my homes.”

Now Hann Builders includes a variety of Danze products in most of its projects - kitchen and bath, large and small. In particular, the Opulence™ Collection, with its traditional styling and range of finishes, works well with the interior design trends and preferences in the Houston area.

A Hann Builders favorite: Danze’s Opulence™ Collection

“My interior design partners and distributors help guide my clients through the Danze offerings to find the perfect match for their rooms,” says Stephen. “Homeowners love the look of Danze and are happy with their selections. If they’re happy, I’m happy.”