David or Goliath, Focus Is The Same

Rapid change is here to stay.

By Bill Carpitella | May 31, 2002


Bill Carpitella

Rapid change is here to stay. Organic business growth stresses every member of your organization. Cultural mergers test the endurance and patience of all. Accelerated learning adds tremendously to daily tasks.

So how does a leader deal with the challenges of a rapidly changing industry? Simple. Incorporate the following actions into your belief system.




  • Participate in employee selection. It shows a commitment to excellence and models it for all.





  • Give each employee the answer to the question: What’s in it for me? Focus on recognition, incentives, etc.





  • Open your business to employees. Give them a chance to solve a problem that’s bigger than their job description.





  • Ask for feedback and accept it. Always ask about your job performance. It fosters trust and provides a wellspring of ideas.





  • Dedicate more time to communicating with your people.





  • Adopt an approachable, accessible, likeable style. The more you do so, the more your employees will give back.





  • Link your vision with behaviors. You can’t overcommunicate your vision. Be sure that all team members understand their role in realizing that vision.

    If you cannot incorporate these actions into your belief system, hire a right-hand person who can. Then get out of the way.

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