Delivering ROI

Every year we push ourselves to out-do the year before. We push for more revenue and a higher return on those associated efforts.

By Dean Horowitz, Publisher | February 27, 2001


Dean Horowitz, Publisher

Every year we push ourselves to out-do the year before. We push for more revenue and a higher return on those associated efforts. Though revenue is traditionally a financial measurement, since it is derived from capital or labor, it is really applicable to all aspects of our lives.

Taking classes enables us to more effectively make decisions and grow as individuals. The more desire, love and respect we commit to our marriages, the more meaningful this exquisite bond becomes. Listening, nurturing, supporting and loving our children delivers benefits that are beyond words.

For the Professional Builder team revenue is measured in two ways. First is in the increased value of content to our readership. The more valuable our publications, our Internet site and our conferences are to our industry, the more "Idea Income" is generated. Since we always strive for the absolute highest Return on Investment, this increase must be consistently dramatic -- one of those charts with the arrow shooting straight up as it marks each year.

The second revenue stream is the easiest one to measure. It is revenue generated from our advertisers and sponsors. While this second revenue stream is vital to our business, it has absolutely no meaning if we do not deliver the most valuable content to our readership. It is the reason why this stream exists and grows.

Delivering the most valuable content requires consistent learning and improvement. It requires an entire team’s passionate belief in the importance of our mission: to enhance the performance of the residential construction industry. It especially means understanding our individual contributions must surpass these goals, not in a measurement of months or weeks or days, but in minutes. Every activity must enhance the industry we serve or our goals will never be fully realized.

Tackling an unfulfilled information requirement is demonstrated by the launch of Construct! magazine found in this issue as well as online. It is the only magazine resource designed to assist you in understanding the impact of new products and technologies on the building -- and business -- process. To fulfill this mission we have teamed with RS Means, a Cahners Business Information company, and a great friend David Johnston. David has spent his career as a builder, remodeler, consultant, author and educator. He is the perfect choice to lead this new publication.

During February, Professional Builder will conduct a number of group presentations to and for our industry: its annual Builder of the Year and Achievement Awards breakfast, the Best In American Living Awards ceremony, and three demonstration homes at the Builders Show. With D.R. Horton we are demonstrating our industry’s commitment to public service. We are donating a show home to the Captain Planet Foundation that provides public school science grants, community services and an educational cartoon series for kids. The Cahners Residential Group is donating money to the NAHB’s Home Builders Institute for Job Corps students’ transitional funds. The pace continues as we prepare for our involvement in the 3rd Annual Green Building Conference. To realize our quality standards for these events, all team members need to perform at their highest levels.

These efforts must blur the lines between work and fun so that every member of the residential construction industry shares our team’s passion for achieving goals bigger than ourselves. As you read through our pages, attend our events and utilize know these efforts are focused on providing the highest possible return on your investment. As always, we appreciate your feedback in this union based on achievement.


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