Design Detail: Art Wall Showcases Sculpture

Hand-chiseled limestone slabs highlight sculptor Bill Starke's work

By Susan Bady, Senior Contributing Editor | February 4, 2015
Art wall highlights sculptor Bill Starke's work
CG&S Design-Build, in Austin, Texas, was completing the second phase of a home renovation when the clients returned home from a vacation in Colorado with this unique sculpture. The homeowners had fallen in love sculptor Bill Starke's work and had acquired three “climbers” for their Austin residence. They decided to incorporate an art wall into the remodel. 
Hand-chiseled limestone slabs, the same ones used for the living-room fireplace, were recessed into a central wall. The sculptures appear to be suspended from the ceiling, but in fact they’re bolted directly into the limestone. Hidden spot lighting illuminates the climbers and animates them. It goes without saying that the art wall has become a conversation piece for friends and family. 


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