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Spanish designer Ana Arana has developed a new compact and transportable kitchen module that includes everything someone living in a small space would need, including sink, fridge, induction cooktop, storage, and dining table.

“Gali is the outcome of research concerning food consuming, social and living arrangements focused on single-occupancy living and how individuals perform their daily rituals of preparation and consumption of it,” the designer says on her website.

According to Arana, human beings no longer need a specific room to perform rituals involving food, because they happen anywhere and more and more often alone or on the run. Her thought: How to adapt this idea to a home?

As a response to this growing trend of compact changeable lifestyles, Arana designed Gali as a revision of the kitchen. “It is an essential part in the house but sometimes it occupies a space that not everyone would use in the same way,” the designer writes. “Gali is the intention of letting each individual distribute their space as wanted, having everything necessary to cook when needed but allowing the living space to embrace new possibilities.”

The system can be broken down into four modules that can be transported like luggage.