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LeakSmart is a new system that detects home water leaks (or pipe-freezing temperatures), shuts off the home’s water supply, and alerts homeowners via a smart device—all in under five seconds.

“You protect your home from fire and theft, and yet water damage is actually more likely to happen to you than either fire or theft,” says Larry Waxman, CEO of Waman Consumer Products Group, parent company of LeakSmart. “Provide your property with next level protection with LeakSmart. Water in unwanted places can cause lasting damage to your home, your possessions, your health, and your bank account, making it the second leading cause for homeowners to file a homeowner’s insurance claim.”

LeakSmart consists of four components—an automatic water shutoff valve, wireless water leak and temperature sensors, system hub, and smartphone app. It offers protection for plumbing fixtures, household appliances, heating and cooling systems, and more.

The heart of the system is the LeakSmart Valve, an electronic motorized brass valve that connects to a water main and, when enabled, can automatically turn off a home’s water supply.

Once the valve is installed, sensors are placed behind appliances, under pipes, and other places where leaks may occur. Monitoring for temperature and leaks, a sensor automatically signals the LeakSmart Valve to shut off water.

“LeakSmart is advanced leak and flood protection done right, a smart home solution that detects leaks and shuts off a water main, protecting homeowners from catastrophic leaks and devastating water damage,” the company says.

The LeakSmart System Hub 2.0 is the brain behind the LeakSmart System, the company says. By being connected to a home’s router and an electrical outlet, the hub communicates between the sensors, the valve and the homeowner. It's also compatible with Nest.


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