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Bath products manufacturer Americh has introduced a Drop-In Drain kit that makes it easy to install a freestanding tub, the company says.

“Freestanding bathtubs are a beautiful addition to any bathroom,” says Ed Richmond, president of the company. “But their installation can be challenging at times. With our new Drop-In Drain kit, we have greatly simplified the process.”

Designed to work with all freestanding bathtubs with 1½- or 2-inch drains, the installation kit does away with the steps that are typically necessary—namely the need for an access panel.

“When using the Drop-In Drain there is no need for an access panel and the tub can be installed as close to the wall as possible,” the company says. “The process is now as simple as placing the tub, tracing its location on the floor, marking the location of the drain over the plumbing trap, and cutting the hole in the subfloor and dropping in the Drop-In Drain installation kit.

“There is a reusable cap allowing for multiple pressure tests and once it is removed it is simply a matter of dropping the tub and its tailpiece into the Drop-In Drain,” the company continues. “If any further adjustments are needed the plate can be uninstalled.”

The beauty of the installation kit, Richmond says, is that it can be used with any bathtub, whether its freestanding, alcove, or drop-in.

Americh’s new product is good news for kitchen and bath designers, mainly because NKBA’s Trend Report cited the continued growth of freestanding tub popularity for two years running.


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