Documentary Series Finds How To Legalize Tiny Homes

September 12, 2016

Tiny homes have emerged as a hip trend for folks who want to own property but don’t need (or can’t afford) larger dwellings. Problem is, many places consider tiny homes illegal.

A new three-part documentary film, called "Living Tiny Legally," explores just what the title suggests. According to TreeHugger, Filmmakers Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons spoke with tiny house owners and policy makers to see what it takes to legalize buildings that strike a middle ground between a house and RV.

The film presents a positive and encouraging overview of how some tiny home owners are actively engaging with city officials in order to gain wider acceptance for tiny houses, rather than merely staying under the radar. It's a good thing, as it will get tiny houses out of that niche it's in now and potentially scale it up, and make it an affordable and viable option, in the face of a growing housing crisis in many cities.

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