An Eco-Village Designed To Be 100% Self-Sufficient

June 3, 2016

ReGen Villages is attempting to create a completely self-sufficient neighborhood. One that can grow its own food, produce its own energy, and manage its own waste and turn it into a closed-loop regenerative system, and the pilot development is already underway just outside of Amsterdam, reports

The neighborhood will consist of 25 homes in Almere, Netherlands and, thanks to fully-integrated local energy production, intensive food production methods, and waste-to-resource systems, looks to introduce and perfect new technologies and concepts that could be of vital importance for a future population estimated to reach 10 billion people and put unprecedented strain on the world’s resources.

Energy will be produced using a combination of biogas, solar, and geothermal techniques while food production will incorporate vertical farming, aquaponics and aeroponics, and permaculture among others.

Over the next 18 months, ReGen Villages looks to complete the first 25 pilot homes in the Netherlands, launch a global PR and marketing campaign for early adopting populations, facilitate tech-integration as part of the first complete pilot 100 home, and create a robust virtual reality demo as a showcase to present at high tech events.

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