Employment, Health, And Sense Of Community Highlight Masterplan Trends

May 10, 2017

Many residents of the Campus at Playa Vista masterplan community in Los Angeles don’t have a long commute. Google, YouTube, Imax, and other companies have offices on-site.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting named three new masterplan trends. One is links to employment, where even if jobs aren’t located nearby, rail stations and other forms of public transit are accessable.

Resident health and wellness is also stressed. Lake Nona in Orlando, for instance, has a 650-acre health and life sciences park, an athletic performance center, and more than 100 tennis courts.

Masterplans should also connect residents and allow them to easily make friends. Ridgegate in Lone Tree, Colo., has an arts and education center, the Mueller MPC in Austin, Texas, invites a daily fleet of food trucks, and Trilogy communities by Shea offer residents round the world trips.

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