Extreme Daily Commutes Are Catching On In New York City

July 21, 2017

Given how expensive housing in the five boroughs is becoming, workers in New York City are moving farther and farther away. But they still show up to work everyday.

The New York Times profiled a handful of extreme commuters, people who commute two or more hours a day for at least five days a week. Some of these commuters are so distant that they technically live in suburbs of other major cities (including Philadelphia and Hartford, Conn.).

But, the daily grind is worth it. Their salaries are worth more in the affordable outposts, where homes are bigger and schools are better.

In 2013, 21 percent of commuters spent 60 minutes or longer getting to work, half of those driving alone. New York State had the highest rate of long commuters, about 16 percent, followed by Maryland and New Jersey, at roughly 15 percent.

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