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GHOST from antoniolupi on Vimeo.

Italian bath products manufacturer Antonio Lupi has introduced what the company is calling the world's first totally concealed showerhead.

Known for cutting–edge faucets, showerheads, and bath fixtures, Antonio Lupi says its latest product, the Ghost, is a completely concealed showerhed that, unlike traditional units, does not install on the bath wall. Instead, the ceiling-mounted unit installs in such a way that makes it seemingly disappear from sight, leaving only the shower nozzles visible.

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Antonio Lupi The ghost disappearing Showerhead installation

“Perfectly integrated into the ceiling, the Ghost retractable shower head is revealed only when it comes into operation,” the company says. “Once turned off, only the holes in which the small but performing nozzles reside reveal its presence, defining a regular point grid ready to transform into an area of ​​relaxation and absolute well-being thanks to the perfect mixing of air and water.”

Ghost is made from a combination of Flumood composite material consisting of aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins, stainless steel, and brass. Consisting of a continuous square or rectangular plate, the unit installs in the ceiling and then is taped and mudded with the surrounding ceiling board. After sanding, the unit can be painted the same color as the surface that houses it.

Antonio Lupi The ghost disappearing Showerhead plaster installation

“An elegant, minimal and perfectly integrated solution, in which every detail has been studied both from an aesthetic and functional point of view,” the company says. “In fact, a special Tool allows once the shower head is installed to individually remove the nozzles and inspect them and then replace them in their housing. A device that allows for perfect maintenance without having to make any compromises with the perfect continuity of the surface.”

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Antonio Lupi The ghost disappearing Showerhead water


Ghost comes in three options and configurations: regular, Ghost_Combi, and Ghost_Big.



“Ghost_COMBI encloses in a single shower head different types of jets that can be alternated and combined according to your preferences,” the company says in its literature. “In fact, two spray jets are added to the traditional rain spray in order to exploit the perfect mixing of air and water, while a central nail jet hits a particular part of the body with strength and vigor, as well as the toning and regenerating cascade jet.

“All this enclosed in an area of 20x35 cm, a concentrate of advanced technology and sophisticated mechanisms hidden from view,” it continues. “Ghost_COMBI, like the entire Ghost family, disappears into the ceiling, integrating perfectly into the surface and only partially revealing itself when it is on.”



“Increasingly larger, to amplify the regenerating experience and offer an even more enveloping rain spray, the Ghost shower head is available in a maxi format to meet the needs of the most demanding customers,” the company says. “Ghost_BIG retains the characteristics of the original project, but the new dimensions (30x36 cm) define a larger shower area for a better wellness proposal. The surprise effect remains unchanged, indeed Ghost_BIG amplifies the feeling of being under a natural rain. Perfectly integrated into the ceiling, the shower head only reveals itself when it is in function. Once switched off, only the holes in which the small but high-performance nozzles reside reveal its presence, delimiting a regular grid ready to become an area of absolute relaxation and well-being thanks to the perfect mix of air and water.”