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This article first appeared in the PB September 2005 issue of Pro Builder.

Kohler Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

The popularity of undercounter kitchen sinks remains steady. Two popular Kohler cast iron kitchen sink models now offer an undercounter configuration. The Deerfield (shown) is a double-equal basin sink with a sleek, contemporary design. Measuring 33 × 22 inches overall, each basin has a depth of eight inches. An eye-catching design feature is the Deerfield's narrow saddle that curves inward from the front and back edges of the sink to separate each basin. Just like its self-rimming counterpart, the Deerfield offers optional bottom-basin racks to further protect its durable surface from chipping or marring from dropped heavy pots and sharp utensils.

The soft design lines of the new Woodfield create a unique profile under solid surface countertops. With an overall measurement of 33 × 22 inches, the Woodfield sink features a generous 15½×17½-inch basin on the right and a medium-size, 11-1/2 ×15-inch basin on the left. The Woodfield sink also offers optional, bottom-basin racks. Circle No. 125

In My Own Words

"I have used Kohler almost exclusively for 15 years now for everything from toilets, tubs and sinks to faucets. I use their products for the quality of the name-brand recognition that they provide my discerning clientele. Other manufacturers may provide the look that is 'in,' but not the quality and the performance I must have. Kohler offers so many different looks, colors, finishes, that the ordinary can become unique and almost artful. Being able to offer so much from one manufacturer makes custom-building a pleasure."

Tuff-n-Dri-Waterproofing Systems

The Tuff-n-Dri Basement Waterproofing System is a key step toward protecting a home's value, improving energy efficiency and providing a luxury basement space. This special, two-part system combines a seamless waterproofing membrane with quality foundation board. Tuff-n-Dri helps prevent foundation wall leaks, seepage and interior condensation to reduce basement moisture. The system is backed by a 30-year transferable performance warranty for a guaranteed dry basement. Circle No. 126

In My Own Words

"I have the unusual opportunity to develop a waterfront subdivision with reservoir views, creating the need for a superior waterproofing system. Most of my clients also want very high-end basement finishes, making the need for a good waterproofing system, like Tuff-n-Dri, even greater. Tuff-n-Dri, which I have used for 10 years, also provides insulation and drainage. Best of all is the 20-year warranty, which gives my clients peace of mind. That's unbeatable."

Sub-Zero Refrigeration Products

Sub-Zero Freezer Company now offers a pair of new, two-drawer models that allow homeowners to place refrigeration-freezer products beyond the main refrigerator at a point, such as in a workout room, next to the home entertainment center, in the master bedroom, or combined with a wine storage unit in a home bar.

  • The Model 700BC (photo), a 27-inch wide refrigerator-freezer, offers a 2.9-cubic-foot refrigerator drawer and a 2.1-cubic-foot lower freezer drawer, providing five cubic feet of storage capacity in all.
  • The Model 736TC is a 36-inch-wide, full-size unit with an upper cabinet door refrigerator and two freezer drawers below. The 736TC has 13.4 cubic feet of refrigerator storage and 6.9 cubic feet of freezer storage, for a total capacity of 20.3 cubic feet.

Both products offer an optional icemaker in the freezer section and are equipped with the standard features of the Sub-Zero 700 Series, including the choice of three stainless steel finishes for panels. Circle No. 127

In My Own Words

"Sub-Zero is a tried-and-true brand that I can always count on. Over the 15 years I've used Sub-Zero, I have purchased everything from traditional side-by-side units to specialty wine refrigeration for wine cellars to refrigeration drawers for butlers' pantries, bars and islands. Sub-Zero's wide range of finishes deliver the custom looks that will work with any décor. They provide the name-brand recognition my clientele appreciates and associates with quality and high performance."

Gastite Flexible Gas Piping

Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) has revolutionized the gas-distribution business, rendering conventional black-iron pipe as obsolete as the horse-drawn carriage. Gas distribution lines often involve long and complex runs with numerous bends and turns. For every turn, black-iron pipe must be cut and a new connection made. Gastite flexible gas piping bends around any obstacle, eliminating the labor-intensive connections and the heavy, messy equipment needed to make them. With fewer connections to make, the job gets done faster with fewer installers and fewer opportunities for dangerous leaks. In fact, lightweight and flexible Gastite CSST, which is available in sizes from 3/8 to 2 inches, will slash installation time by up to 50 percent. Circle No. 128

In My Own Words

"I have used Gastite CSST gas lines for 10 years. It saves me time in head-scratching design work and is flexible enough to fit around obstacles without the use of fittings. It provides me a cost-effective way to provide clients with multiple gas lines that are so common to today's high-end homes to feed multiple gas fireplaces, and outdoor grills and kitchens."

Icynene Insulation System

Icynene's insulation products are designed to provide greater control over the indoor environment. Each product is tailored to accommodate different project sizes and types, yet they all perform as continuous insulation and air-barrier systems. Whether the project calls for the Icynene Insulation System (spray or pour formula) or Gold Seal 400, builders can create an efficient, draft-free, noise-free, and pollution-free environment. Circle No. 129

In My Own Words

"I have used Icynene for two years. It is a low-density, soft-foam insulation that, once sprayed, expands 100 times its volume in seconds. It creates an airtight application, which is not possible with other traditional products. With today's rising energy costs, it allows me to build a very comfortable, energy-efficient home for my clients. Another benefit my clients appreciate is a reduction in airborne sound transfer. Quieter is always better."