Home Charging Stations Become More Common As Electric Cars Grow In Popularity

June 6, 2016

As the number of electric cars on the roads, and in people’s garages, continues to grow, the home charger is becoming a relatively inexpensive home feature that can have a large impact on a person’s decision to buy.

Some builders of high-end homes include electric car chargers in every new residential project and homeowners who are looking to sell are installing them in their garages as a means of attracting future buyers, even if they themselves don’t own an electric car.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, California is leading the way in homes listed with electric car chargers as a feature. Since April 2011, chargers have been included in 39 percent of homes listed there. Florida is second at 22 percent and Massachusetts is third at 18 percent. Additionally, California requires all newly built homes, including multifamily developments of 17 units or more, to have the capacity to support electric-vehicle charging. Denver, among other cities, has similar laws.

Currently electric cars represent less than 1 percent of the new-car market in the U.S., but that number is rapidly growing. At the end of 2015, there were six times as many electric cars on the road compared to the end of 2010.

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