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Photo: Unsplash/Sikai Gu

Home Depot has confirmed that it is laying off a portion of its exterior installation employees, affecting fewer than 1,000 workers.

A spokesperson for Home Depot says, "After reviewing the installation business, we've decided it's right to wind down our roofing, siding, insulation, and gutters installation programs," adding, "We're only exiting these four installation programs, so we'll continue to offer dozens of other installation services." Business Insider reports that former employees are speaking out as well. "The layoffs are happening at the wrong end of the spectrum," writes an anonymous poster. "Should have been a top down changeover."

Home Depot's website describes its installation services team as consisting of professional installers who work in partnership with the company. The blurb also said the team had "a critical role within home services" and required talent with "top-notch skills" and "a drive for quality and customer service." Listed responsibilities for the installation services team include negotiating contracts, contributing to the company's growth, and working with management.

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