The Home Features of Buyers' Discontent

September 17, 2018
Wine rack on wall
Photo: Unsplash/Viktor Nikolaienko

Wine cellars, personal spas, open floor plans, and wood-burning stoves all have one thing in common: regret. finds that buyers wanted and later regretted these home features most.

When homebuyer Larry Perstein moved from California to Westport, Conn., having a wine cellar was "a big selling point for the house, and something I've always wanted," yet, he's found that "most wines don't need cellaring. Watching the humidity and temperature doesn't matter for screw-top wines, and it's too hard to keep on top of the inventory." Fellow homebuyer Clare Block tells that when she was first saw her home in Pennsylvania, the in-home spa seemed "perfect." Block explains that 13 years later, she has used it only three times, "The steam's motor sounds like a train engine when it's on. It isn't relaxing at all."

Ever pined to buy something that, once you finally got your hands on it, wasn't all it was cracked up to be? This disappointing reality check can hit big time during the home-buying process. Oh, the rosy glasses we wear when house hunting! So watch out: If you've dreamed of having a home with a big yard, that excitement might wear off after you see how long it takes to mow. Or, if you pined to live in a historic house, you may eat those words when you're deluged with costly repairs. Whatever you're sure you want, take care to do your due diligence carefully, and question homeowners who have these amenities on their pros and cons, and the upkeep entailed.

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