Homeowner Chose LP SmartSide Siding for Proven Performance

July 6, 2016

With its moisture, rot and termite resistance, LP SmartSide Trim & Siding was the best solution for a home ravaged by a wasp infestation.

A homeowner had wasp infestation inside the home walls because the incorrectly installed exterior fiber cement lap siding had openings in its seams, and the house wrap was missing.

As a stop-gap solution, the homeowner, as shown in this photo, used white caulk on the siding seams to try to fill the gaps and prevent the insects from entering the walls but that caused curb-appeal issues.  

Home re-side was the only solution

The homeowner researched and considered many different siding options including removing the existing siding and replacing it with another brand of fiber cement siding. He called Texas Home Exteriors for an estimate on replacing his siding.

“One of our team members evaluated the home’s exterior siding and learned about the homeowner’s continued efforts to seal the insect entry points,” said Greg Kapitan, president, Texas Home Exteriors. “We determined that he needed a siding-replacement solution.”

LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding sealed the deal

After evaluation, the Texas Home Exteriors representative recommended LP SmartSide Trim & Siding as the best solution, with its moisture, rot and termite resistance. The homeowner learned that this engineered wood product is manufactured with the SmartGuard® process, in which all wood strands are coated with zinc borate and resins and heat pressed.

The result is that the siding holds tight and straight to the wall and will leave fewer gaps for moisture and insect intrusion. The representative also demonstrated the strength of the product.

After hearing all the details about the product and learning of the 5-/50-year limited warranty, the homeowner chose LP® SmartSide® 8-inch lap siding with a deep cedar wood grain texture for his home.

The following Monday, Texas Home Exteriors removed the existing siding. Installation of the LP SmartSide siding then began. Within a week the Texas Home Exteriors crew had removed the old siding as well as the insect intruders, installed both a new vapor barrier and the LP SmartSide siding, and applied Sherwin-Williams® SuperPaint® in the homeowner’s selected colors.  

You can visit Texas Home Exteriors to learn more about using LP SmartSide Trim & Siding.

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