Homeowners Need More From Their Homes

June 24, 2020
Home bathroom design drawing
By Andy Dean

Previous trends have shown homeowners desired to downsize in hopes for less responsibility and more meaningful space. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, homeowners needs have shifted toward adaptability and maximizing the spaces they already have. Everything from working to eating meals, entertainment to fitness have been impacted and many are predicted to continue their new habits formed from sheltering in place. Instead of wanting less from the home like before, many need more from their homes.

But in a few short months, everything has changed with the arrival of the novel COVID-19 virus. Almost overnight, our homes have had to provide space for work, study, play, exercise, entertainment, dining, and escape. In addition, for a family or working couple, the home now must offer multiple locations for all of these activities. 

Is this just a short-term complication, or will our homes have to meet these needs for years to come?

The answer is complicated. Let’s start with the home office. For many businesses, employees working at least part of the time from home isn't going away. Workers are looking for fewer frustrating commutes and fewer unnecessary meetings, and for the employer, less office space needed and less rent to pay. A functional workspace, and sometimes more than one, is going to be a necessity in our homes for years to come. This space doesn't have to be the size of a bedroom; a pocket office the size of a typical office cubicle will fit the bill for many people working from home. 

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