Homeowners Regret Unexpected Repairs

May 29, 2019
Photo: Unsplash/Jeshoots.com

Unexpected repairs and maintenance were the biggest regret faced by homeowners, according to research by Zillow.

The Zillow Housing Aspirations Report found that 36% of homeowners unexpected repairs and maintenance, more than any other category. The next biggest regrets were the inability to relocate (27%) and too much yardwork (25%). 

Almost three in four homeowners (72%) have at least one regret about their home, though rarely that it’s too big. Despite the tiny home craze and a trend toward downsizing, only 11% of homeowners think their house is too large.

Age plays a role, with 81% of younger homeowners (age 18 to 34) registering at least one regret, compared to 65% of homeowners older than 54. The biggest difference in regrets between those age groups is financial: 30% say their mortgage payment is too high, compared to 12% of older homeowners.

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