Housing Industry Experts Determine The Most Effective Language That Appeals To “Mature” Adults

October 24, 2016

To market a community targeting residents age 55 and older, developers could use the term “age restricted” or “age qualified.” They mean the same thing. But, the latter is more inclusive and positive, and therefore has a better chance at effectively reaching potential buyers.

The Spokesman-Review reports that housing industry experts are taking a sharp look at all the language they use when trying to appeal to seniors and Baby Boomers. For one, “Mature adults” was considered the best descriptor for people age 60 or older. “Seniors,” “elderly” and “golden agers” can have negative stigmas.

Other terms that companies are trying to abstain from using when promoting a housing development for retirees: facility, ambulate, socialization, activities, and residents.

Research also found the differences between younger (age 60-74) and older seniors, and what the groups desire in a home.

“These are people who were born between 1928 and about 1946,’’ Tracy Lux, president of Trace Marketing, said. “I call them the ‘crown molding crowd.’ They don’t want a large space but they do want high-level finishes such as Corian and granite counters, special interest or hobby rooms, fine outdoor living accoutrements and cut rooms for the grand kids.’’

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