How Builders Can Benefit Most From Mobile Management Tools

March 30, 2016

Smartphone apps aren’t just all about knocking over structures with particularly grumpy members of the Aves scientific class or playing against Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kate Upton in strategic military-themed games. Smartphone apps can actually prove quite useful, especially for builders managing multiple build sites.

Apps can help builders manage and streamline areas of a jobsite or project related to project management, customer service, safety, and supplies. From a project management standpoint, there are apps that allow crew chiefs to report to the head boss daily about what jobs have been completed and which are still currently in progress.

To help keep customers satisfied, daily photos of the project can be taken and shared via a mobile device to help head off any possible wavering about design choices on the clients part before it becomes a more expensive and time consuming task later on.

Apps that feature anonymous reporting about injuries and feedback about unsafe conditions can help increase the safety of a jobsite without employees having to worry about slowing down a project or the fear of retribution.

Finally, mobile apps can also make it easier for workers to report when supplies are needed, when the wrong materials are delivered to the site, or when equipment breaks down.

With the appropriate mix of apps, jobsites can become simultaneously safer, have a better workflow, and increase company profits. Take that Angry Birds.

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