How to Include Sensory Elements in Home Design

October 15, 2019
Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash

Sensory design is the strategy in architecture of designing spaces to appeal to multiple human senses (sight, sound, scent, taste, touch).

The most successful, holistic designs are those that engage more than one sense: These spaces create the best experience and become the most memorable. Restaurants do this all the time: It is about more than just the food (and lack of cleanup); it is about the dining experience. Delicious aromas wafting by on trays, background music to set the mood, a velvety glass of red wine to start the meal … restaurants stimulate as many senses as they can to create a memorable experience. It is called creating “ambiance.” 

Designer Stephanie Brick shares a few easy ways to incorporate sensory design into your home through scent, flooring, décor, and a programmable thermostat.

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