How The Next President Can Improve The Housing Market

July 26, 2016

The housing market has not been at the forefront of the conversation for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton this election year. It is understandable how it has fallen by the wayside. On the surface, the housing market looks healthy and strong, with record high housing activity and mortgage rates that are in the cellar, and the minds of the candidates and voters alike are wrapped up in topics such as national security and immigration.

But, as Redfin reports, the housing market isn’t all peaches and cream, as beneath the surface there is a lack of affordable homes threatening the middle class's most reliable source of creating wealth, limited access to financing, and ever-increasing rents that make it nearly impossible for many to save for a down payment.

Redfin lists four keys that the next president needs to consider in order to revitalize the housing market beyond just the surface level. Those keys are to ignore the “siren song” of mortgage finance reform, link affordability and mobility, build more housing and increase spending on infrastructure, and bring jobs back to the Rust Belt.

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