How To Utilize Open Shelving For Any Room In A House

February 19, 2016

Open shelving is a design element that has been picking up steam as of late and, while it is often seen as an accent to other storage options in the kitchen, it can actually fit in and add to just about any room in the house, regardless of the current style of the room or what storage options are already in place.

If you are thinking about adding some open shelving to a room in your house, Zillow has some advice for how to best make it work and what you need to know before you begin.

Using small corners for square shelving to hold jars with cotton balls or other bathroom necessities is great for the bathroom. Placing open shelving near statement furniture in a bedroom can help to eliminate the need for art or mirrors on the wall; not only is it functional as a storage space, but it can look nice, as well.

Follow the link below to discover other great ways to use open shelving in these rooms as well as the kitchen and dining room, too.

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