I Asked, You Spoke, and ...

Last issue, Assistant Managing Editor Sara Zailskas asked for your feedback on our new digital format, and you answered.
By By Sara Zailskas, Assistant Managing Editor | May 22, 2008

Last issue I asked for your feedback on our new digital format, and you answered. The first few e-mails, albeit polite, weren't very favorable. It's too difficult to turn pages, one person wrote. Another complained that zooming in and out just to read an article got annoying. Someone else noted it takes too much time to use. The ironic part is that those first few e-mails came through within two hours of the issue's release. At least communicating with us is easier, right?

Those comments are completely justifiable. I'd lie to you if, when I found out I'd be the one managing a digital magazine, I didn't worry about the same problems. Who doesn't love reading glossy magazines in a favorite lounge chair?

I got on board when I realized that when it comes to business magazines, I'm less likely to curl up with a cup of cocoa. And judging from the majority of readers who wrote me, most are in the same boat. My favorite comment came from someone who admitted he loved reading Housing Giants on his computer during conferences. Any way we can make the most of our time we're willing to give it a go, and the scannable quality of a digital format is what you praised most.

The challenge for the staff and me at this point is to balance reports that you dig into when you have time with enough content you can scan during those less-than-compelling presentations. Another very real challenge: doing what we can with design to overcome the fact many readers' monitors don't have the resolution quality we do. Our design can shine, but if it doesn't cut it on a less-expensive or older computer screen, readers get frustrated.

So that's our immediate editorial objective. We take your feedback — both good and bad — to heart here at HG, so click on sara.zailskas@reedbusiness.com whenever you wish. Thanks for reading.