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Foam insulation brand Icynene says its new ProSeal HFO is a high-performance, low global warming potential (GWP) closed-cell spray polyurethane product.

The company says the product represents the brand’s commitment to developing environmentally-sound and high-performance insulation solutions.

“Icynene ProSeal HFO is an outstanding addition to the Icynene product line,” says Mark Sarvary, CEO of Icynene-Lapolla. “It provides excellent energy efficiency and gives our contractor, builder, and architect customers an insulation solution that is both sensitive to the environment and unparalleled in performance.”

Ideal for application across all climate zones, ProSeal HFO is the first Icynene spray foam insulation to incorporate an HFO blowing agent, which is the primary difference between this product and the company’s other offerings. “This is a next generation blowing agent that protects the Earth from climate change,” the company tells PRODUCTS magazine. “Not all spray foams use HFO blowing agents and this product is the Icynene line’s first step in its commitment to moving more and more of their products onto HFO blowing agents.”

Like other foam products, this high density, two-pound spray foam fully adheres in place to most substrates, sealing the building envelope, acting as a comprehensive air, moisture and thermal barrier, and reducing the need to specify numerous additional products, the company explains. Icynene ProSeal HFO’s ability to seal the building envelope dramatically reduces heating and cooling energy demands and can contribute towards up to 40 percent in energy savings over the life of the structure, it adds.

Good for use in residential new build and remodeling projects, ProSeal HFO integrates Honeywell’s Solstice HFO option, which Icynene says is recognized as a next-generation blowing agent and innovation ensuring key Earth and climate protections.

“We are positioning this as a milestone product for Icynene because it is the first spray foam insulation in the line to move to an HFO blowing agent….” the company says. “All spray foams boast incredible energy efficiency performance, but spray foams that incorporate HFO blowing agents protect the Earth in other key ways, including incredibly reduced global warming impacts. We will also be positioning it as an ideal solution for custom and production homes, an ideal solution for new and retrofit homes in areas that are prone to insane storms and hurricanes, and even net zero energy homes.”

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