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Insulation manufacturer CertainTeed says its latest product, Optima MidFloor blow-in, offers noise reduction and fire protection between floors while cutting down on costs and labor.

Ideal for multi-story homes, condos, and apartment buildings of five stories or less, the blow-in product is easy to install, the company says, saving contractors and builders time and money when compared to batt insulation.

The noncombustible fiberglass material meets NFPA 13 standard requirements and can eliminate the need for a home sprinkler system, CertainTeed says, cutting down the costs of fire protection. It can also be used in conjunction with sprinklers for added precaution.

The manufacturer says that the Greengaurd Gold-Certified Optima MidFloor also has acoustical benefits, cutting the apparent volume of airborne sounds in half compared to uninsulated midfloors. The blow-in application allows the substance to fill all midfloor gaps completely.

The blow-in method also eliminates the need to cut the insulation to fit around existing structural elements in the midfloor, making it ideal for retrofits. No cutting also means no scraps, eliminating wasted pieces of insulation.

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