IKEA is Developing an Affordable Smart Home System

June 1, 2015

The Swedish furniture empire IKEA invited the tech press over to their headquarters in Sweden to showcase their latest product in development. Gizmodo reporter Adam Clark Estes shares the inside scoop.

“Next fall, the so-called Home Smart II Lighting Collection will take things to a new level,” Estes writes. “At an event that I can only describe as a science fair for furniture, I learned a little bit about how the new lighting system will work.”

According to the company, the home furnishing light kits will “enable people to personalize their homes and create a sense of safety and wellbeing” with “bedside lamps can imitate the sunrise while coffee is automatically brewed and different modes can be optimized to support each family throughout the home using wall switches or a smartphone app. All without any wiring or the need to call an electrician.”

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