Job Hubs Are Helping Cleveland Make A Comeback

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June 26, 2017

The Cleveland suburb of Solon is home to several of the Northeast Ohio’s largest manufacturers, including Kennametal, Nestle, Swagelok, and Schwebel Baking Co. Clustering these companies together is one of the ways that the greater Cleveland area will thrive once again.

CityLab reports that job hubs, places where multiple employers sell goods and services throughout a region, offer plenty of jobs, often at higher wages. Job hubs are mutually beneficial: They improve an area’s economic competitiveness and provide opportunities for residents.

Job hubs can help city and regional leaders decide where to make investments, so that a region can offer more of the kinds of properties businesses are seeking. …  Investing in job hubs has the potential to ensure that our future economy is more connected, more concentrated, and less divided, giving workers and businesses across the Heartland a comeback to truly believe in.

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