Kitchens: Crown Jewel of Home Design

October 9, 2017
Kitchen design
Photo: Pixabay

For many homeowners, showcasing personality and "creating moments" to share with others is of chief importance when conceptualizing their kitchen's design, Penelope Green of The New York Times explains.

The past decade has brought various designs and aesthetics to the fore from suburban to sensual, or spare. Julie Carlson, editor in chief and founder of design blog Remodelista, hints that trends are cycling so quickly that a kitchen may seem dated after only 1-2 years. Minimalist color palettes and furniture, designed for the long haul, are one way to address the swift style changes.

Americans are still spending billions on their kitchens — over $67 billion on products alone last year, according to market research by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. But they have moved on, esthetically, and outfitting this space is a fraught endeavor, said Amy Astley, the editor of AD magazine, in a recent email. “The ante has been upped,” she wrote. “Today’s dream kitchens are all about personality — embracing creativity rather than adhering to any one formula or Pinterest board.”

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