The Low-Down on Off-Site Construction

January 3, 2019
Off-site construction methods are being applied by builders across the U.S. to varying degrees.
Photo: Unsplash/John Mark Smith

recent survey found that builders are speeding up their adoption of off-site construction technologies; a new study finds the most popular systems builders are using, and in which markets.

Home Innovation Research Labs' deep dive reveals that off-site construction opportunities are not equally available geographically, by sector, or price point. The study analyzes roof trusses, pre-cut framing packages, factory-built open wall panels, factory-built closed wall panels, panelized pre-assembled floors, modular building systems, and precast concrete wall, floor, and roof panel systems by region, builder and home type, and price. 

From a geographic perspective, Northeast and Midwest builders were most likely consider increasing their use of roof trusses in the coming year at 16 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

The South, which has the lowest current market penetration for roof trusses (about 50 percent), begins to show promise in 5 years with 18 percent planning to increase use; this is the same rate as the Midwest but trailing the Northeast.

The West stands to gain the least users of roof trusses simply because the vast majority of homes built in the West already use them.

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