Median Age Of Housing Stock Continues To Increase

January 5, 2017

According to NAHB Eye on Housing, the median age of owner-occupied housing reached 37 years in 2015, an increase from 31 in 2005. More than half of the U.S. housing stock was built before 1980. Only 19 percent of homes were built after 2000, and 3 percent were constructed since 2010.

Aging housing stock indicates an opportunity for both remodelers and production builders, as demand for new construction is expected to rise.

Younger homeowners are more likely to live in newer homes. Homes built after 2010 are headed by homeowners with a median age of 44 years, compared to homes built prior to 1969 and owned by householders with a median age of 58. It implies a growing market for renovations allowing older homeowners to age in place.

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